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Puglia / Chiaromonte
Place: Acquaviva Delle Fonti (Bari)
Square: 33
Quantity: 100 000
Owner: Nicola Chiaromonte
Agronomist: Nicola Chiaromonte
Enologist: Nicola Chiaromonte


The story of the Company starts in 1826 with only 3 hectares of vineyard and olive grove, grown by Nicola's grandparents. His family look at the small vineyard as a social ransom, a way to improve his financial situation. Nicola Chiaromonte, the current representative of the last generation of winemaker, starts working when he was a child and he learned by doing under the assistance of his parents and grandparents.

Today is the owner and the winemaker, he continues to manage his company following the guidance of his ancestors and joining it with modern technologies in a perfect mix of tradition and innovation: the company has 32 hectares including cherry orchard, olive grove and vineyard of Alberello Pugliese, next to the sapling old vineyards some new espalier plants are now grown up, strictly organically. 
Chiaromonte believes in respect for the area by focusing on excellence for its grapes : every vineyard is cultivated in the proper way in a close relation to the characteristics of the soil; the handmade harvest warrants the quality of selected grapes without creating any damage to the grapevine 
One of these varieties is cultivated and used for the creation of the five company brands: Primitivo, in a limited quantity to assure a high-quality standard. 
Primitivo is accompanied by another single-grape wine from Fiano Minutolo, an ancient native grape variety which gives an intense and perfumed white wine.

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