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Calabria / Ippolito 1845
Place: Cirò Marina (Crotone)
Square: 100 He
Quantity: 800 000
Owner: Famiglia Ippolito
Agronomist: Salvatore Ippolito
Enologist: Giovanni Dimastrogiovanni

Ippolito 1845

The History.

It was 1845 when Vincenzo Ippolito impressed his initials on his farmhouse among olive trees, orange groves and vineyards. In 1930 his grandson Vincenzo, a bold and ambitious person, decided to bottle, the first in Calabria, the best Gaglioppo from the “alberello” vineyards in Feudo and Difesa Piana area, and launch his Cirò on the regional market. This idea proved to be pioneering and revolutionary. In the 70’s, under the drive of the brothers Antonio and Salvatore, the 150 acres from Mancuso estate were converted to vineyards, while in the winery modern vinification and bottling techniques were introduced. Since then the firm has became a reference point for the entire South. Vine-dressers for 5 generations, today the Ippolito family proudly avail themselves of the patrimony made in about 160 years of work, passion and research, making fine wines in respect of the millenarian history of such a prestigious terroir.


The Winery.

With over 160 years of history, Ippolito is the oldest winery in Calabria. Located in the historic centre of Cirò Marina, heart of Calabrian viticulture, the firm includes 250 acres, placed on the sunny hills and the narrow flats near the Ionian Sea, in the classic Cirò area. Since its founding the corporate mission has been the recovery and the valorization of the indigenous grapes as Gaglioppo, Greco bianco, Calabrese and Pecorello. Through the constant research and the use of innovative techniques, Ippolito family pursues in its wines the elegance, exclusivity and identity with its own territory. An appealing challenge in the sign of the absolute quality. Nowadays the firm provides 14 different labels sold in 4 continents, a sign that more than others confirms a relevant entrepreneurial dynamism.


The Vineyards.

The surface area under vine is made up of three main estates located in the heart of DOC Cirò: Mancuso, Feudo and Difesa Piana. The total area is about 100 hectares. The training system adopted is mainly the horizontal cordon system. A small part is trained at high “alberello” system. The plantation has a high density, 5.600 plants per hectare (2.20 x 0.80 m) and yields vary from 50 to 80 quintals per hectare. The most important operations in the vineyard are carried out rigorously by hand. The reduced tillage to preserve fertility and soil biodiversity. The grapes grown and harvested are 100% native to the true heritage of Calabria: Gaglioppo, Greco Bianco, Calabrese, Pecorello and more...

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