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Trentino-Alto Adige / Falkenstein
Place: Naturno (Bolzano)
Square: 12 He
Quantity: 90 000 bottles
Owner: Franz Pratzner
Agronomist: Franz Pratzner

The Falkenstein farm winery & vineyard is a family run business located on the slopes of Sonnenburg Mountain in Nuturns. It all started in 1989 when Franz Pratzner and his wife Bernadette decided to convert their vocation into their profession. Today, family traditions of winemaking are carried by the founders of the winery Franz and Bernadette and their two daughters Magdalena and Michaela.

The work at the Falkenstein winery is mostly done manually by Franz and his wife, with machinery employed only in supportive capacity. Since 2003, all winemaking is carried out in the deliberately developed wine cellar. The architect responsible held into the layout the family’s longing to make amicability between the old and the new. Hence a stone wine cellar was built, joined to the more modern building, in which the wines are today culminated.

The vineyards are committed for the most part to white grapes, with a little part for Pinot Noir. Among the assortments developed, Riesling is the most outstanding.

We just love how much passion and enthusiasm Pratzner family has for its winery and vineyards making sure they reach their maximum potential. DVW offers you to taste the perfection of their wines yourself.


To learn more about Falkenstein please visit the winery website