Dolce Vita Wines was founded several years ago in London, by a group of friends united by their passion for wine and a desire to create and introduce an exquisite portfolio of Italian wines to London. Our ethos revolves around the promise that our wine will enrich body and mind through time honored crafting and the use of the finest grapes, with nothing else in between.
The company has been steadily growing since the first days of its existence, replenishing the portfolio with new discoveries of the world of Italian wine. Presently, Dolce Vita Wines has compiled an extensive wine list from more than 40 producers offering some well-known and well-beloved classic wines as well as wine made of rare indigenous grapes giving our customers a wide range of choice.
Our customers are like-minded people, who are passionate about high quality wine and respect winemaking traditions that producers have passed on from generation to generation.


Here at Dolce Vita Wines we like to say that the wine we select has to have a great story to tell. With each bottle of wine, producers give us a chance to read a little chapter from their life’s work. It is this history, encompassing centuries of winemaking and the honing of family traditions, that makes every wine experience unforgettable.
Strong and honest relationships with our wine producers are what we aim to build. We share their values and love their wines as much as they do.
The range of Italian wines on offer in London is wide and varied and Dolce Vita Wines is ready to guide you through this pleasant journey full of wonderful surprises.
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Ambro Ianeselli
Wine Scout

Experience: Worked in fashion & Art plus 30 years as London Restaurateur.
Hobbies and interests: Life in general & dog interaction
Favourite Wine: too many good memory to be defined by one


Tatiana Nikitina
Business Development Manager

Experience: 10 + years in finance and banking, 2 years as a sommelier
Hobbies and interests: travel, tennis and good life style
Favourite Wine: Nobile Montepulciano


Omar Zanatta
Wine Consultant

Experience: accounting background with 20 years in wine industry
Interests: drums & percussion
Favourite wine: depends on the vintage


Elena Leonova
Logistics Manager

Experience: 8+ years experience of customer relationship including 5 years in banking
Hobbies and interests: travelling, nutrition, fitness and cooking
Favourite wine: Primitivo di Manduria


Natali Nikitina
Finance Manager

Experience: 30+ years in billing and data management
Hobbies and interests: cycling and travelling
Favourite wine: Lacrima di Morro d’Alba